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PNGx Tools:

PNGx: Portable Network Graphics (extended).
PNGx is special format of common PNG image file proprietary to SLIM.
PNGx could be displayed with any image viewers commonly available on different operating system.
SLIM stores patient information in PNGx files along with the medical image in concern. So, the image and embedded information could be sent in a single file to other users.
Sharing a single file through massaging applications with data embedded is now easier than ever.

NOTE: PNGx should Not be re-saved with a 3-rd party software, otherwise the the embedded information will be lost.

Auto- Enhance:

With a previously- trained algorithms, user can enhance a medical image with a single click.
No need for medical professionals to learn about functions such as histogram stretching, contrast adjusting, gamma correction or wasting time trying different values to get better viewable image.
SLIM does the job with a single click.

DICOM Tools:

DICOM is most common image format produced by medical imaging equipment with digital terminal.
DICOM could be displayed with the ease displaying images on portable devices by converting DICOM to common PNG file.
SLIM converts DICOM files to PNG files to be displayed on portable devices such as smart phones and to be shared with messaging applications when needed.
SLIM also can extract and display the information (meta data) stored in DICOM files.
SLIM converts multiple-frame DICOM image file to a filmstrip of separated PNG images, so user can save and share only the frame(s) of interest.

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